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In today's fast pace environment, the most expensive asset is time. Using SMS can save you time and budget in several ways.

iConnect is a reliable SMS service provider, with guaranteed instant delivery, reaching across to mobile network operators worldwide.

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FAQ for iConnectSMS

1. What is iConnectSMS BulkSMS used for?

It allows you deliver SMS messages to multiple mobile numbers at once almost anywhere in the world.

2. How much is it per SMS?

N1.83 – N1.70 for users; iConnectSMS bulksms is reliable, and we don’t double charge you like others do.

3. If I pay now, how long does it take for my account to be credited?

If you pay online, you’ll be automatically credited. If you pay via bank, immediately we get your text informing us of your payment, we will credit your account.

4. What is the length of the sender ID?

A Sender ID is simply the name of Sender. It could be your personal name, company name or any group name and shouldn’t exceed 11 characters. Please note that only Alphanumeric Characters are allowed. It’s eleven (11) characters including spaces. For example, the name GRACE TAIWO is 10 letters, the space in between the name makes it 11.

5. How many sender’s ID can I use?

It’s unlimited. You can use different sender IDs for different SMS you send. However, you will need to pre-register new sender IDs that you have not used before to ensure delivery of your SMS across all Telecom providers.

To pre-register, send the sender ID you want to use for the message two days(48 hours) before sending the messages so we can send it to our operators for registration. You can send it to our support email or phone number via SMS/WhatsApp.

If your Sender ID has not been pre-registered and you need to send BULKSMS Urgently, you can send using any of the below Sender ID that we have sent to the operators for approval and has been approved;


6. Do you deliver two- or more page SMS fully?

Yes, we do. However, your recipients’ phone type is also a factor in determining whether it will be fully delivered without showing “missing text.” This can be proved by the simple fact that even when someone sends you SMS from any of the networks in Nigeria, you sometimes get “missing text” telling you that there are still some texts yet to be delivered as part of the message. It usually gets delivered later.

7. How long is one page of SMS?

One page of sms is 160 characters.

8. How many numbers can I send SMS to at once?

You can send to thousands of numbers at once.

9. What are the Benefits Of iConnectSMS BulkSMS?

Instant and guaranteed delivery of messages Highly accessible anytime you want with a technology that is compliant with modern business needs No access fees, hidden charges or setup costs incurred on this service.

10. Who can subscribe to the iConnectSMS Bulk SMS service?

Practically anybody that wants to instantly pass messages across to people via SMS can use our service, simply register for free.

11. What happens when my bulksms unit is used up?

When you exhaust the SMS units in your account, you will NOT be able to send Bulk SMS until you purchase another bulksms recharge voucher/pay for additional unit using our other means of account top-up.

12. What happens to my unit if I didn’t use it?

Nothing will happen to your unit, it will still be intact

13. Can I send Bulk SMS to international numbers?

Yes you can

14. What happens when I attempt to send Bulk SMS to an invalid destination?

Anytime you attempt to send a Bulk SMS to an invalid destination or number, the message wont deliver to the recipient, and you may not be charged on iConnectSMS

15. How do I share my unit on iConnectSMS account?

Login to your iConnectSMS account and click on Share units Write the email of the person you want to share your unit with Write the amount of units to send And click on share credit

16. What are the various means of paying for bulksms unit on iConnectSMS website

Internet banking transfer to any of our bank accounts Mobile Money Transfer to any of our bank accounts Fund your Account with Quickteller Fund your account with ATM transfer to any of our bank accounts Via Online payment Via ATM Machine transfer to any of our account Offline Payment using ATM Machine

17. How do subscribers recharge their account?

First you register at iConnectSMS Secondly you place an order here after you have logged in to your account Then you can recharge by making Payment/bank Transfer to any of our accounts.

18. I have paid an amount of money to your iConnectSMS account and my account has not been credited?

Have you ordered ? – NO, Ok Login to your iConnectSMS account and click on BUY SMS, insert the amount of money you have paid inside the second box and click on send. Clicking on “Buy SMS” means you are ready to place an order online. It lets you enter the number of required units. For Instance 1000 Units of BulkSMS means 1 unit of message that can be sent to 1000 people. “Click to Proceed” by using your email address as the payee e.g. imagine@gmail.com and you can pay using any of the Payment Methods convenient for you: Online transfer, Bank transfer, Bank deposit, ATM transfer etc.

19. How do I add contact on my iConnectSMS account?

Log in to your Account with your email and password Click on Add contact Click on click to add new group, it will show you a drop box, enter the name you will like the group to be called you save by clicking on save groups Then you Add the contact list you have created by going to add list to group, it will open a dialogue box for you to select what the numbers list for the group from where saved it. NOTE: Ensure the numbers are typed in a text file and that the numbers are separated with new line (one per line) or comma. Select group name that you have created before from the select group drop down Click on the number separated by comma or number separated by new line option depending on how your numbers were separated Then you add to list

20. Have been trying to send bulk sms for the few days but couldn’t?

What seems to be the issue you are experiencing have you recharged your account. Kindly contact us

21. Who do I contact for queries relating to my iConnectSMS account?

You can contact iConnectSMS Customer Care on issues and queries you may have on your account. You can also send a mail directly to support@iconnectsms.com.ng with details on your account queries or issues